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A reliable and dependable fitness gear and MMA gear manufacturer with over 50 products, Jibana Sports works with you to build your business and grow beyond competition.

About us


7  years, over 200 sellers and over 1.9 million units produced; that is Jibana Sports in summary.

We are manufacturing fitness gear since 2001. We have vast experience in making all the fitness gear form wrist wraps to all types of weight lifting belts. The brands and sellers of our products have successful lines of products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and they are also selling those products to giant retail chains with their brands. All that is based on our exceptional product quality.

Based in the city of sports manufacturing, Sialkot, we have served retailers of all sizes with all their unique brands and product quality needs. We compete with internationally recognized manufacturers and we have won over projects even from them.

Check our range of products, ask for quotation and sample or ask your questions directly to our team.

Our Services

Private Labeling and Product Designing

We will take care of all your private labeling and branding needs.

You have a product design and your company uses specific brands. Tell us all about….

Requesting New Product

Our current catalog includes the products that we receive orders for at least once a month.

If you know a product in the fitness gear category and that is not present in the catalog…

Free E-commerce Consultancy

We offer e-commerce business consultancy to interested buyers to help them create line of products under their brand name.

If you are passionate for some fitness gear and want to…

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